How to make a paper airplane? Or how to make origami?

How to make a paper airplane?
Many of us in childhood often began to think about this. Parents showed someone as necessary to "model", who that was taught at school. Take this post on a note for your future children! Will please them, I assure you!
Does someone has the own method? Write, with pleasure we will accept on a note.

Paper airplanes.
Interesting facts
...In 1989 Andy Chipling founded Association of Paper aircraft Building, and in 2006 the first championship was conducted on the start of paper airplanes. Competitions are conducted in three disciplines: longest distance, longest planning and aerobatic. ...Numerous attempts to increase time of stay of paper airplane in mid air from time to time result in taking of next barriers in this type of sport. Ken Blackburn retained a world record during 13 years(1983-1996) and again got him on October, 8, 1998, giving up a paper airplane in an apartment so, that he remained in mid air 27,6 seconds. This result is confirmed the representatives of Book of records of Ginness and reporters of CNN. Paper airplane used by Blackburn, it is possible to subsume gliders.

How to make paper airplanes?
Paper airplanes like to start everything and this does not absolutely depend on age or gender belonging. The most important in making of paper airplane is a high-quality paper and observance of rules of aerodynamics. Because with the last far not all are acquainted, there is another sly method to compel to start to fly your airplane far and highly— to attach to him elastic and to catapult!

How to make origami?
It is terrible to present, what amount of notebooks flew away from my balcony as paper airplanes! We with friends arranged whole tournaments on a start and thought of different improvements, beginning from the different variants of paper and ending making of different parts of paper construction heavier. And since yardmen arranged to us rebelling with the threat of physical violence, we had to attach airplanes a spool-type thread, that it was possible to return them back.

How to make the best paper airplane?
How to make a paper airplane? Or how to make origami?
Starts were produced from a balcony, because airplanes flew far and beautifully. And to arrange a swift start on an even place not very and turned out. Due to found layfkhaku a chance to start an airplane beautifully and far appeared for me already jointly with my son! A trick consists in that you attach to basis to basis of the paper airplane a loop from elastic, due to her and ordinary pencil, he and started, as from a catapult.
You start this miracle of technique by means of ordinary pencil: catch elastic for one end of pencil or stick, , draw off back an airplane and release.
I checked: flies, as a rocket!
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